Tuesday, April 18, 2006


SZENTIVÁN-HÚS Kft. on Fény Utcai Piac

Just before the Easter Holidays, I went to the Fény Utcai Piac to stock up.

While there, I usually stop at the cheese stand on the second level. Though overpriced, their relatively wide selection of cheeses, olives and other fine foods makes them worthwhile. When I finished buying my Kalamata olives, I turned to the stand right next to them for cold cuts.

Their sign advertises "Friss Húsok - Finom Felvágottak". I asked for 30 dkg of Délhús Majorannás Májas (Liver Paté -- see picture below) and didn't pay too much attention to her as I was counting my change, getting ready to pay for my purchase.

Much to my surprise, once home I opened the package, I found that the last several centimeters of the paté was literally rotten. Not only was it discolored, it was rotten. The entire roll was completely unedible. I immediately threw it into the trash.

Now, this wasn't some honest mistake. No, the girl behind the counter had been saving up this particular roll to dump on someone. Instead of taking the loss and cutting open a new roll, she was simply looking for the right customer to screw over. The one who didn't pay attention at the particular moment that she pulled out the rotten roll.

I would have gone back and complained, but as they were closed by the time I opened the package and there was the Easter Holiday, there wasn't much of a point (they would have denied it anyway).

Regardless, I recommend that you avoid this establishment, because if they are going to screw me over, they'll much more easily do it to you.

So, after you buy your olives and cheeses (I know you do, because I keep hearing English and French while I wait in line behind you), don't get your meats and cold cuts next door.

An honorable mention for the Worst of Budapest goes to the folks that run the Fény Utcai Piac.

I tried to take a picture of the offending store today, but was stopped by a security guard who told me that photography was not permitted. However, in a Kafkaesque manner, while he was telling me to stop photographing, a television camera crew was doing a bit on one of the honey sellers right in front of us. My protestations that I was simply a tourist didn't cut it. So, the image I selected above comes from their own website (arrow mine).

I hope to go back and get a better image when the ratio of shoppers to security guards is in my favor.

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