Wednesday, December 07, 2005


lite Andrássy

Well, after a short break in posting about the worst customer experiences in Bp., we are unfortunately obliged to report another one.

My significant other raved about this new "Western" style place where you could get fresh tossed salads and other stuff called "lite" on Váci utca. She also reported that she had great experiences at the store inside the Infopark.

So, one evening this week, she had a hankering for a "lite" fresh salad. I looked up their website, which listed the store hours (reproduced below, emphasis mine):

lite millenium
hétfő-péntek 7.45 - 18.00
1052 Bp. Váci u. 19-21.


lite Andrássy
hétfő-vasárnap: 8.00 - 21.00
1061 Bp. Andrássy út 2.

So, we hopped into the car and drove to Andrássy. The plan was for me to jump out of the car, while my significant other double-parked (finding a place to park at the beginning of Andrássy in the evening is a little like winning the lottery).

We arrived at about 19:00. To our surprise, the store was shuttered and the opening hours listed on the door were simply: "0800- "

Yes, there's something missing there.

So, we decided to have a McDonald's salad instead. This alone is enough to merit a listing on this blog.

Later this week, I decided to give the store another chance and inquire about their operating hours, as I happened to be in the neighborhood.

I walk into the store and look around. Apart from a group of French speaking tourists chowing down at a table and two clerks, one behind the salad and another behind the coffee bar respectively, the place is empty.

I approach the salad bar, say hello and look around. The clerk neither notices me, nor greets me. In fact, she doesn't move at all to acknowledge my existence.

I keep looking over the containers of salad ingredients, still nothing. I look at the prices to try and decipher the pricing structure... nothing.

A lady comes in, walks up to the counter and the girl behind the counter immediately starts making a salad for her, without ever bothering to acknowledge me.

I walk out and decide that I'm going to post this experience.

My significant other keeps telling me how fantastic the other stores are, but I'm an unhappy customer.

As there is no e-mail address listed on their website, I don't have the option to e-mail them about this post. Too bad for them.

I've got a couple of "worst ofs"
Should I drop them in a comments box here or post on my own site for you to link onto?

I think it might be easiest if you put up the posts on your site, and I'll post links from here. That way, if you change your mind or update the info, people know where to find it. But, worst of Bp, still acts as a directory.

Drop me an e-mail, if you like.
with such treatment no wonder the place is empty. serves them right!
Why are you eating at Mcdonalds in Hungary??? And after this whole ordeal you went to Subway??? What is wrong with you, you belong back in the states shopping at Walmart!
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